Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where Do We Go From Here?

We’re coming to to the end of the Ten Commandments preaching series. Dr. Kort is out of the office for the first part of this week, seeing his new grandchildren, so I figured in his absence I'd drop in a post to ask you all for some feedback.

I think Dr. Kort has enjoyed writing this blog more than he thought he would. I hope you enjoyed reading what he had to say. So, we need to figure out where the Tom Kort blog goes from here. Can you help? Tell us what, if anything, you would like Dr. Kort to write about. Is there anyone else on staff you want to hear from? Let us know your thoughts using the polls at right, or leave a comment here or at Facebook.

Thanks for reading!
Jessica (Dr. Kort's assistant)


  1. Thanks Jessica! Enjoy the GK's Dr. Kort. Would love to see you continue this.

  2. Surely you come across interesting tidbits as you prepare each week's sermon that you can continue to share with us. I have enjoyed the additional information you have given.

    Judy Roberts

  3. I've enjoyed the mid week stories, thoughts and previews - keep them coming!

  4. Really like the blogs. Tom is so great writing about real life-the day to day encounters. The stuff we deal with everyday-like the neighbor that you need to love, but drives you nuts. Thanks for helping us see God in the daily walk, Tom.