Thursday, January 2, 2014

The 10,000 Year Clock

I have always been fascinated by clocks; in fact, I have a small collection of them. Most of the clocks in my collection were made around 1850, and are still running. I wonder what stories they could tell if they could talk instead of just going tick tock?

Recently I read about the 10,000 Year Clock, designed by Danny Hillis. It is built to run for 10,000 years without the use of batteries or anyone needing to wind it. It will be powered by mechanical energy harvested from sunlight and the people who visit it. While there is no completion date on the books, it will be unveiled to the public once it is ready to start ticking.

You don’t need a 10,000 year clock or even a Timex to remind you that life moves fast and waits for no one.  The Bible says, “Teach us O Lord, to number our days and to apply our hearts unto wisdom.”  In other words, time is a gift and most of the important ticks in life seem to come in moments. As Alice Johnson is fond of saying, “life does not consist in the number of breaths you take, but in the number moments that take your breath away.”

We’re now into the second week of a new year. Time keeps ticking away.  I hope that during this New Year life will surprise you with many breathless moments.

I wonder what moments you have experienced that took your breath away?  Any  you would like to share?

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  1. Shortly after her birth I saw my son holding his baby daughter, my first grandchild. His look of awe as he watched her sleeping in his arms took my breath away.