Friday, August 1, 2014

Gust Post: "I Answered the Call"

I feel very blessed that I was part of the 2012 and 2014 mission teams from Sardis that traveled to Bayonnais, Haiti. When it was time to come back to Charlotte in 2012, a little piece of my heart stayed there, and I longed to go back. After our trip in March, I again left something behind that is calling me to return. What is it? Why do I feel this way? The love, warmth, and kindness received from the people is indescribable. Their determination to learn and have a better life seems endless. Their ability to have so little, yet have everything, is amazing! Their display of faith…priceless.

With nothing more than chalk boards, copybooks, and pens, these children are learning calculus and physics. By the time they graduate from high school they speak Creole, French, Spanish, and English. Their desire to speak and practice English is unbelievable.  They care about keeping their school uniforms neat. They respect their teachers, with a capital ‘R’. They make games out of leaves, stones, and sticks. Some of them walk miles to come to school everyday. They say thank you without being prompted. They share tiny bits of food with each other without being ask.  They go to church on Sunday. They want a better life, and know that education is the key to their future.
After a life-changing trip, as these experiences prove to be, we return home to our everyday life, and old ways return. We quickly forget about conserving water and electricity, and not wasting food.  We take for granted all the luxuries that we have. But, we need to keep our mind in Bayonnais, even when we are not there. Our thoughts, prayers, and actions should remain focused on our experiences. We must hold on to the drive and inspiration that grows in us. We need to keep our perspectives shifted to maintain the passion of our mission-the health and education of the people of Bayonnais, and preparing the leaders of tomorrow.

Sponsoring a child’s education is one way that we can dedicate ourselves to this mission, The goal of the Charlotte area churches involved in Bayonnais  is to sponsor 900 children.  Currently 300-400 children have sponsors. Children that have sponsors are provided school tuition, shoes, uniforms, and a daily meal of beans and rice. Medical and dental education is part of the school curriculum. They also learn about God’s love, and that all things are a gift from him to be treasured.

For $40 a month you can sponsor a child and have the opportunity to get to know him/her through letters/emails. I have two sponsored children, Gedeline, 15 and Dorvens, 12.  Spending time with them when I visited Haiti sometimes seems like a dream.  You often hear of requests for child sponsorship programs, but when you actually get to meet the child you sponsor, your heart melts and you know that you have a new member in your ‘family’. Their letters always thank me for helping with their education, and let me know that they are praying for me, and my family. Both children took me to their homes to meet their families, which left me a little awestruck! I challenge you to sponsorship, and the opportunity for you and/or your children, to have these same kind of experiences. Hebrews 13:16 tells us ‘Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have for such sacrifices are pleasing to God’.

You can share sponsorship with one or more persons. If you would like more information about student sponsorship, please go to or Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about sponsorship, or other opportunities for support in Bayonnais. Hope to see you at the ballgame!  Have a great week.

Brenda McKay and her husband, Chuck, have been members at Sardis since 2007. Brenda has been an oncology nurse for twenty five years, working with adults and children in various settings. She is currently a Breast Nurse Navigator at Levine Cancer Institute. Brenda, is also a two-time Haiti mission trip team member!
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