Friday, September 19, 2014

"Summer is Ended"

Summer officially ends on Tuesday, September 23, when we welcome the Fall Equinox, the day when night and daylight are equal in length. It is hard to believe summer is over, everything happened so fast. 

One of best things about living in Charlotte is that we get to experience a taste of each of the four seasons. Everyone probably has their favorites, but as we approach fall, I have to admit there is lot to like about that season. The scorching heat of summer is replaced by gentler days and cooler nights. The church year jumps into full activity. Classrooms on every level from pre-school to senior scholars are in full swing; everyone starts out with a clean slate. There’s Friday night football, and Sunday football, too. Watermelons are replaced with pumpkins, and yards get their annual facelift of plugging and over seeding. Fashions change as sweaters and shoes replace sunscreen and flip flops. Summer is over.

I think the Almighty might be partial to fall, because it seems as if God’s creative juices get flowing with entire landscapes painted in brilliant colors that take your breath away. The one thing, however, that I dread about fall is when all those beautiful leaves start falling to the ground. It seems like a lot of wasted energy to rake leaves and the faster I rake the faster they seem to fall. Even so, I do love this time of the year and know raking leaves is a small price to pay for the majesty of trees and leaves. 

It is this change of seasons that reminds me of the Old Testament prophet, Jeremiah. He wrote, “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not yet saved. (Jeremiah 8:20)  His words are a lament for the people of Judah. You can almost feel his anguish that an opportunity has passed and a hoped for outcome has not been realized. You can spin that verse in lots of ways but for me, one lesson is simply this: some things in life need to be done today, before it is too late. Some things should not be delayed. 

Is there something you need to do, but have kept on hold? Is there someone you have been planning to call or visit, but just have not yet done so? Why not do it today?

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