Monday, February 23, 2015

Guest Post: “To The Director…”

On February 13, I once again, had the pleasure of playing music at an event called Joyful Hearts Club. This event is an evening dedicated to bringing fun and joy to people with special needs. When I am contacted by the director, he asks that I bring a band with me. As soon as the invite is received, I begin the daunting task of getting the musicians together. Due to the nature of the event, not just any musicians will do.

Normally, I call on a fantastic group that has performed with me in the past. They are always more than happy to participate. This year however, was particularly difficult. Here it is, the week before Valentine’s weekend and all but two of the past musicians had moved north, or were already booked. After a bit of searching and some convincing, I had finally established a band. During a conversation with the lead guitar player, I mentioned the thought of bringing in a horn section. As we furthered our discussion, the guitarist asked, “So, who will write and rehearse the parts?”. Since we were short on time and there would be no opportunity to rehearse, we quickly realized that it would harm the quality of the music. Ultimately the decision was not to have a horn section, this time.

We had that discussion two weeks ago and I still look back on it. Even after the event has passed, and the songs have been performed, that conversation lingers in my mind. So, let me better explain why I took this to heart.

Some of you know, that a group of instrumentalists are just like a group of voices within a choir. Without specific direction from a leader, there can be no unity. Without proper training, and due to our own human nature, we will naturally perform our own wants and wills. Rather than taking the entire group into consideration, we tend to put what sounds good to our own ear first. 

The word choir is defined as “a group of organized singers.” Organized is defined as “having a formal organization or structure, especially to coordinate or carry out for widespread activities.”

Today, I want to challenge you to be a part of the group. — Okay, I know what you are probably thinking… “We are supposed to be leaders. Leaders are successful and show the way!” You are correct, but always remember this: It is impossible for everyone, to lead everything, in every part they play. I would like you to be encouraged that, it is okay to stop and listen. You should not feel a necessity to push yourself into a place that was never meant for you. As a group of people who are supposed to be organized around Christ, we often fail to listen to his direction. It becomes a discipline to take a step back and seek the Lord for guidance. Now, be encouraged! Christ has a plan specifically for you, in your life. If you are unsure, ask! He will always answer you, even in ways you might not expect.

During this season of Lent, don’t just give something up. Instead, give yourself to something. Make it a point to get involved and grow.

Jacob Hare is the Contemporary Worship Leader at Sardis. On Sunday's you'll find him at our 9:00 worship service in the Fellowship Hall. Jacob also leads our Second Saturday worship services in the Sardis House.

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