Monday, March 9, 2015

Guest Post: "What A Life"

I am not a winter person. I am a South Florida girl. The months of cold, rain, and snow get me really down. I miss the warmth of the sun and the happiness that Vitamin D brings me. As we get closer to Easter, I start to miss the sunrise services on the beach. When I think back to my days growing up just a bike ride away from the beach, spending my free time in a pool, and the Easter bunny dropping off snorkeling gear, I think, "what a life".

The glimpse of warm weather we had in the Carolinas this weekend gave me hope and got me very excited for my upcoming vacation. Soon, I will be spending a week sailing the beautiful warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and spending my days soaking up the sun on white sand beaches, while nice people offer me fruity drinks and food. I am counting down the days until I swim with the dolphins in Jamaica, explore Grand Cayman Island, and jet ski in Cozumel, Mexico. As I start to plan my excursions and dream about the warm beaches, the beautiful blue waters, palm trees, exotic foods, and being cell phone and computer-free, I again think, "what a life". 

What dreams come to your mind when you think, "what a life"? I bet your mind did not go straight to "eternal life." But eternal life is what God dreams for us. Eternal life does not start when our life on Earth ends. God's gift of eternal life is ours, right now, and it will be ours forever. Jesus’ friendship is ours now; his forgiveness, peace, and strength are for us today. That truly is what makes up "what a life"-living in Jesus' love today and forever.

‘For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.’ John 3:16

Nikki Livingston is Sardis' Communications Director. She is also a student at Arizona State University in the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications. Nikki spends her free time volunteering as the event chair for the American Cancer Society, Relay For Life event in Ballantyne. She also loves to spend time playing with her dog Macy and spoiling her two nieces and two nephews. 

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