Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Guest Post: "God's Wonder"

I love going on vacations and trips that have no itinerary or solid plans so that I can just be. Whether it’s to Be in the moment, Be on the trail or Be sitting next to the ocean, I can find peace. I don’t want to have to think about what’s next or if I am going to have enough time here, etc. This is why Nick and I took our honeymoon in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where we could just BE. We camped, hiked, swam, played with bears, and never had to think about rushing to the next activity and missing some of the beauty and wonder out there in our world.

I find myself rushing through life some days and missing the beauty of God’s world. However, the last evening of our honeymoon, Nick and I decided to hike along the rocks on the shore of Lake Superior in Copper Harbor to watch the sunset. As we hiked along the black rocks, I was overwhelmed with the vastness of God’s creation and felt at home and safe. The shoreline of Lake Superior is very rugged and suffers through many challenging winters and storms. However, there is a rugged beauty about that northern Michigan environment. The way the wind blows, the crisp air off the water, the rugged rocks, and trees in the dense forest are all marvelous and took my breath away.

Sitting on the rocks, watching the sunset, at Lake Superior is where I felt at home and at peace in the world. I could feel God’s presence surrounding Nick and I as we celebrated one week of being married. After the sun disappeared into the water of the horizon, I noticed a poem written on a sign that is still lingering with me today and has helped me see God’s beauty here in Charlotte too. It reminded me that everything created has a purpose and that we may feel so alone sometimes, but God is always around.

I Asked by Christina Brandmeier

I asked the sun,
If it would keep shining
I thought you might like
Some light to guide you

I asked the water in the harbor
If it would mind sitting pretty
I thought it might help                  
Keep you calm                 
I asked the trees in the forest   
If they would stay standing tall and strong
I thought sometimes you might wish you had
Shelter from the storm                

I asked the rocks to hold you steady
Because I know that life will shake you
And I asked the lake to keep rolling onto shore
To greet your dreams and wash your worries away
I asked the wind
If it would kindly carry your prayers up to the sky
I thought you might enjoy
A faithful passenger

I asked the beauty
If it would stay together for you
Because I thought you're always going to need
A place where you can breathe.

Kaitlyn Davros is the Associate Director of Music and Organist. Here at Sardis, Kaitlyn’s expertise is engaged as she plays the organ, piano, and keyboards for our traditional and contemporary worship services, accompanies the sanctuary choir, occasionally rings in the bell choirs, and assists in growing our music ministry, especially the children and youth music programs.

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