Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"Color This World"

When coloring as a child, I was always disappointed when I discovered the crayons had lost their point or were broken.  Coloring is still in fashion.  Crayola has a staggering number of choices today for aspiring artists.  Restaurants are notorious for handing out menus for children that have drawings worthy of the four Crayolas they distribute to young patrons.

Recently, in Barnes and Noble, I noticed a push on coloring books for adults.  While visiting with some friends before dinner, a grown-ups coloring book was pulled out along with a variety of colorful pencils and we were all invited to participate in creating a masterpiece.  Yes, everybody got into it and it was fun.

Last year 12-million adult coloring books were sold in this country.  Sales of colored pencils have also shot up.  I guess stressed-out adults appreciate a coloring distraction.  Michael’s has more than 150 adult coloring books for sale.  My guess is that we all need an alternative to staring at screens.
As a Christian, it is my job to add some color to this world.  I am still working on it.


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