Friday, July 29, 2016

"Moved by Music"

My taste in music is eclectic. My car CD’s include everything from country to classical. Music is emotional for me. It calms, it inspires, it excites.

Barbara Streisand first appeared on my radar when I saw her on Broadway in Funny Girl. She knows how to bring passion out of her music. She has been doing it for fifty years. Yes, she milks it, but it is oh so good!

Have you seen that coaster, “Your brain thinks in words – your soul thinks in music”?  Innately, I am moved by music. Most of us are left-brained, practical and logical. Music pushes our right-brained, artistic, intuitive nature. Worship always includes the emphasis on The Word, and also the praise of God through music. The Psalms were put to music. They are a model for us. If the sermon is inferior, my prayer is that the music will be superior.  Music is part of our offering to God of our very best.  After Sunday worship, I often catch myself humming something of the music I heard earlier that day in contemporary worship or traditional worship.

The ministry of the Word and the ministry of music should be complementary. Part of the glue for worship is the music. It too points me beyond my own agenda to God. No wonder people use worship music while waiting, traveling, working out, eating and commuting to stay centered on the Risen Christ.


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  1. Your thoughts re. Word and music being complementary in worship, reflect my thinking 100%. Thanks for putting thought to electronic "paper".