Friday, December 23, 2016

"Encounter Jesus Christ"

I love all that characterizes Christmas! Yes, it is exhausting. The free nights in December on my calendar you can count on one hand. The decorations, lights, music, gifts, parties, family celebrations and the fun of making Christmas special for others – what a privilege.

What we celebrate is the Incarnation, God in human flesh and blood. The birth of Jesus is not a myth.  Rather, it is an event surrounded in mystery. God, who is beyond our comprehension, has made his love known not only in his creation but specifically in his incarnation in Jesus Christ. That mystery is worthy of our best spectacles - our finest celebrations.

The reality of God’s encounter with us is overwhelming. Thankfully, God did not reveal himself as some impersonal force, or as just another human being. He gave us his son, Jesus. “You shall call his name Jesus for he shall save his people from their sins.” That was the Angel’s message. Mary got it, Joseph got it.

Christmas is a fresh opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ. We do this through faith and repentance.  God wants to bless us with his persistent love and mercy. I am counting on the mercy. There is more mercy in God than sin in us. Thank you, Lord.

God bless you again in 2017.

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