Friday, January 27, 2017

"God's People Did Their Job"

Dr. Carmen Teague is my primary care physician. She has all the medical credentials plus a degree in counseling from Gordon Conwell Seminary. She has a sense of humor.  Her candor is refreshing. She engages easily.

In a routine physical, she talked about my hernias. She sent me to see Dr. Kent Kercher, a general surgeon. I enjoyed visiting with the surgeon. I checked him out. He comes from fine Presbyterian stock and is an active member of Myers Park Presbyterian Church.

On Monday, January 9, at 7AM, Dr. Kercher repaired three hernias. I swear he tied my belly button to my kneecaps. Yes, thank you for asking, I am healing up in good style. I can even tie my own shoes.

I know what it is to embrace a healing touch. Throughout the process, God’s people did their job.  Alice was at CMC Main at 5AM to have prayer with Linda and myself. Our daughter, Sheri, an employee of CMC, was present and extremely attentive to her ole man’s care. Sherri Johnston, another CMC employee and a member of Sardis, made sure that all my needs were met. The medical team did a terrific job. Half the time, I was out of it. However, in the lucid moments, I was cognizant of the love and healing touch that God’s people routinely provide.

Linda and I continue to be amazed at the impact the community of faith provides daily. Praise the Lord!


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