Monday, February 20, 2017

"That Country Song"

I can’t get that country song out of my mind.
                God is great!
                                Beer is good!
                                                People are crazy!

In the first century, Corinth was a hotbed of hedonism and materialism. Above the city, at 1200 feet, was the Temple of Aphrodite. At night torches lit the path up to the Temple where allegedly prostitution prevailed. Drunkenness and debauchery were in Corinth’s label.

The Apostle Paul felt that if Christianity could take root in Corinth, it could take root anywhere.  Paul, with his tent-making skills, showed up around AD 50. For two years he shared the gospel of Christ. A church was formed. However, it was not only an amazing mix of people, but also a mess! He had to emphasize that the believer’s body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, not a vehicle for the satisfaction of lust.

The New York Times says that our busyness is self-imposed. We are loaded with ambition, anxiety, and drive. We are addicted to busyness because we dread what we might have to face in its absence.  That’s where the country song cuts in.

Effective love is rarely efficient. People take time. Relationships do get messy. Repairs are needed on occasion. Humility is required. Forgiveness is a choice.

What sustains me is the knowledge that in Jesus Christ, I am loved passionately, personally, and powerfully. How do I know that? My benchmark is the cross of Calvary.


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