Monday, October 28, 2013

A Theological Chorus Line

Some of you have asked me how I enjoyed my 40th class reunion last week at Princeton Seminary.   A quick answer would simply be, “It exceeded all of my expectations.”    And yes, everyone was older, and most of us were not in tip top shape, including me.  Yet old friendships were immediately rekindled.  It was nice.
An experience like my reunion makes me think that life is like a big chorus line, with each dancer doing their part in step with all the others, as they link arms and kick up their heels.   So for instance, seminary could be thought of as a theological chorus line.   At the reunion, we were gathered in graduating decades under one big tent, class reunions from the ‘60s up to today’s budding young theologians.  I was in the class of 1973, and my son, Andy, was in the class of 2003.  He walked the same campus sidewalks and sat in the same lecture halls and classrooms that I did thirty years earlier. Even separated by 30 years, Andy and I are part of the same line, dancing to the same tune. Both of us were as impressed as we met first year students and those about to graduate come May.  These newly minted theologians are in the chorus line too!

Sardis, too, is one big chorus line of believers, stretching back to 1790 and even before. Every time we observe All Saints Day I think of those who came before us with gratitude, and hope that those who follow after us will look back and say that we were faithful in our time.

We are all a part of some chorus line. Which ones are more important to you?

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