Monday, November 4, 2013

From Cars to Cell Phones

I heard a commentary about how NASCAR is losing its popularity.  While Americans have always had a love affair with cars, today’s younger generation has a love affair with their cell phone! I think the same love affair holds true for most of us.  I love my cell phone, but…..

I was impressed with one of the youngest members of our staff, Nikki, as she shared her thoughts with me about cell phones.

She said, ‘Do you remember those nights going to Blockbuster with the family and trying to make a decision on what movie to take home?  Remember dad divvying out the pizza, mom popping some popcorn, brother “popping” the movie in, and sister snuggling up with the dog; and all lying around the living room, enjoying the movie you picked out as a family?’

‘Now we can stream movies from high definition televisions that are in each bedroom, our laptops and even our cell phones.  So now each family member is in a separate room doing separate things.  Sometimes at dinner, dad is watching the football game on his phone, sister is sending tweets and texting, brother is playing Angry Birds and mom is on Pinterest looking up home improvement ideas. I wonder if it is time to put the technology away for a while and get back to the simplicity and joy of some basic family time together?’

Gosh, for such a young person, Nikki sure has a handle on life.  Perhaps that is exactly what the Bible means when Paul, at the end of his ministry, told young Timothy, “let no one despise your youth…”  ( I Timothy 4:12)

Let us all turn off our cell phones for one night and see what happens!


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