Monday, October 19, 2015

Dave's First Blog Post

Thanks for making my entrance into the ministry and mission of Sardis Presbyterian Church so pleasant. Yes, it is stimulating to make so many new friends. The welcome has been genuine.
Change is a constant. As your Interim Pastor, I feel like I have stepped into a rapidly flowing stream.  Lots of changes for me. Lots of changes for you!

What have I discovered?  The loyalty to this community of faith is exemplary!  What I have sensed is not loyalty to just one person or a group in the church, but a commitment to the larger Body of Christ.
The learning curve is steep.  Thanks for your patience. Linda and I are truly excited to call Sardis Presbyterian Church home.


Rev. Dr. David McKechnie reveals that, "There are three sources to my joy: First, is the love of God revealed to me in Jesus Christ. The second is my wife, Linda, and our two children, Peter and his wife, Mindy, and Sheri and her husband, Michael. Add to that, my grandsons, Ian, Reid, Baker, and Bo. Third, the parish ministry gives me the privilege of exciting people about the Christian faith." Dave and his wife, Linda, are uniquely blessed to enjoy their family, experience God's work through travel, and continue to energetically serve the Lord. 

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  1. Dave, it is indeed a pleasure to have you amongst us at Sardis! I eagerly look forward every week to the message you bring, and the conviction and style with which you bring it. Blessings to you and your family!