Friday, August 19, 2016

"Shifts in Our Culture"

Pastoral ministry today requires a new kind of pastoral leadership. Change is coming at us at warp speed.

Here are six shifts in our culture, courtesy of ER McManus.
  • From Christian world-view to pluralistic world views
  • From Western influence to Eastern influence
  • From secular debate to syncretistic dialogue 
  • From homogenous to multicultural
  • From suburbs/local to cities/global
  • From word/books to images/film
The context for ministry is in a state of flux. These cultural shifts demand spiritual leadership that is fresh to face our emerging challenges.

How is pastoral ministry changing?
  • From teaching to leadershipfrom
  • Education to equipping 
  •  From organization to mobilization
  • From tradition to creativity
  • From pastoral to missional
  • From called by a Church to sent to a community

In essence, new pastors need to be cross-cultural missionaries. We need futurists. Yes, we must exegete the Scriptures and exegete the culture as well. No longer can the Church in America focus on maintenance. Missional is the defining word for today’s Christian witness. Visionaries are not only welcome but also, a must!


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