Friday, October 28, 2016

"The Ketchup Bottle"

Several days ago, I opened a new bottle of ketchup. You have to be determined to get that condiment out of that container. I do not know how they do it. They pack that substance in there so tight that it is a challenge to get it out. Frustration sets in! Then, when the ketchup finally breaks free, it goes all over the place, smothering the hamburger, fries, pickles, plate and your clothing. What a mess!

A frustrated mother told me this story. It was 6 p.m., time for her and her three children to eat. The menu included hamburgers, baked beans, potato chips and coleslaw. The children were seated at the counter ready to go. The mother was trying to coax the ketchup out of its bottle. Success was avoiding her. Her cell phone rang. She asked her daughter to answer it and tell them, “I’ll call them back later.”

The child picked up the cell phone and said, “My mother can’t talk to you now, she’s hitting the bottle.”


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