Monday, April 3, 2017

"When The Peace Came"

The disciples were huddled in a safe house. The doors were locked, shades drawn, and lights out.  They were scared sick. Who is next for a crucifixion? Jesus made a post-resurrection appearance -  “Peace be with you!”  He showed them his wounds; his hands, and his side.

“Thomas, you missed it! We have seen the Lord.”  Thomas’ longsuit was not imagination! Belligerent in his pessimism, he said, “Unless I see the mark of the nails in his hands and place my finger in the wound on his side, I will not believe.”

Thomas trusted his senses. He was not willing to dedicate his intellectual credibility or repress the questions that floated around the fringes of his faith. So, we have the tag, “Doubting Thomas”. His doubts are ours too. Is it honest doubt or obstinate unbelief?  Faith in Jesus Christ is not belief without proof but trust without reservation. Doubt has a basic flaw. It never can be fully satisfied. No evidence is ever enough. At some point we have to get out of our stadium seats and get in the game; the tough arena of Christian obedience.

Later, Jesus said to Thomas, proceed with your quest for truth.  “Touch me.”  Did he? Who knows! Seeing does not remove the necessity of believing. Doubt your doubts! Thomas said only, “My Lord and my God.”  Thomas needed peace more than evidence. When peace came, the evidence became immaterial. So it is with us.

I have moved from the agony of questions I cannot answer to the peace of answers I cannot escape.


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