Friday, June 23, 2017

"The Wisdom of Peter Drucker"

Peter Drucker was the guru of management consultants. He helped reorganize non-profits like The Salvation Army. He regularly provided counsel to the corporate world, such as General Motors. Drucker was not hesitant to express his Christian perspective. As an Episcopalian, he appreciated the formality of their liturgy. He was an Austrian and spoke English with a strong accent. Often, he travelled the world on business but would make a gigantic effort to attend his small group.

Early in my ministry, in the midst of much frustration with the Church, somebody recommended Drucker’s book, “The Effective Executive”. What a revelation! To this day I am grateful for the help that book provided.

He taught me that leaders do things not by default but by design. I heard him say, “Focus only on those things that will make a big difference if successful.” It is clear that leaders have the ability to set something vibrating in others. Drucker suggested that the toughest job in America is to be the President of the United States. The second toughest job is to be the Chancellor of a major University. Think of all the entities that person must deal with, appease and lead. The third toughest job is to be the Administrator of a major hospital. Just imagine the parking issues that person must handle. According to Drucker, the fourth toughest job is to be the pastor of a large multiple-staff church. The man was brilliant.

I added to his list a number five. The fifth toughest job is to be married to any of the above.


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