Friday, July 21, 2017

"Lapsed, Loose & Lost"

I don’t think it is fair but somebody described the Body of Christ, the Church, as:

  • The Lapsed
  • The Loose
  • The Lost

There is a major difference between going to church and being the church. Church leaders today are not concerned with institutional maintenance but with missional effectiveness. They want the focus not on ministry in the church, largely confined to the membership, but rather on ministry by the church to the community at large.

George Gallup reported, “Church attendance makes little difference in people’s ethical views and behavior with respect to lying, cheating, pilferage, and not reporting theft. It was only among those who were committed to their church and activities beyond the worship service that the statistically significant difference was found in terms of truth telling, the absence of racial prejudice, and the ability to see beyond materialism.”

Lapsed, loose and lost are not accurate labels for Sardis Presbyterian Church. As I write this, four camps are being held on the Sardis campus; the basketball camp for boys and girls with Christian coaches and a Christian witness, the Preschool Summer camp, the Charlotte Mission Adventure for middle school students that serve non-profits in Charlotte, and Camp Holiday for Downs Syndrome students.

SPC – great job!


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