Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"The Great Commission of Matthew 28"

There is a huge chasm between going to church and being the church. The church-going population is in decline. Nationally, only about 38% attend worship. For Millennials, born between 1980 – 2000, only 17% are connected to a local church. I know that Charlotte’s church attendance is higher at 52%.

Presbyterians suffer from analysis paralysis. However, there are four disturbing trends pertinent to the North American church.
  • The mainline denominations have become the sideline denominations. Non-denominational churches outnumber denominational congregations in attendance.
  • Millennials have little interest in local churches. We are losing this portion of America at an alarming rate.
  • Many churches are struggling with maintaining their operations or are able to do so because of a foundation of some type.
  • It is a struggle to replace aging clergy. It is true for Protestants and Roman Catholics.

Seminary enrollment for all flavors of theological discipline is down. Emerging leaders today are not concerned with institutional maintenance but with missional effectiveness. This preference is a focus on ministry by the church rather than ministry in the church that is largely confined to existing members.

Mission is our non-negotiable task. The Great Commission of Matthew 28 makes that very clear.


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