Wednesday, December 20, 2017

"Our 27 Months"

In the twenty-seven months Linda and I have been with you at Sardis Presbyterian Church, we have been recipients of your gifts, hospitality, and affirmation. In serving this great congregation, we are cognizant that we stand on the shoulders of giants. What a privilege to be part of this community of faith.

Effective Monday, January 8, 2018, The Rev. Dr. Joe B. Martin, IV, will be your new pastor. I am counting on you to welcome Joe B. and his family in your usual gracious style. I suggest the following to assist the Martin family in getting immersed in the life of Sardis.

1.  Pray for them.
2.  Give them your name more than once.
3.  Share your hospitality with them.
4.  Anticipate God’s continued blessing on Sardis Presbyterian Church.

I expect to hear good things about you and your shared Christian witness with Joe B.

God bless you again in 2018.


  1. Rev. Dave, immense "thank you"s for your guidance and ministry over the last two-plus years. Our congregation has benefitted from your -- and Linda's -- stay here more than you could know. Thanks, too, for your words of encouragement to the choir on Sunday mornings! Prayers and best wishes for you and Linda!

  2. Dave, your spirit is an inspiration. Happy New Year to you and Linda.