Friday, December 8, 2017

"What Is Faith"

The Sunday school teacher asked his class of 13 years olds, “What is faith?”  A young girl fired back, “Believing something you know isn’t true.”

Tragically, many people hold that view.  Christianity does not have to take a back seat in the market place of ideas.  To be a Christian does not mean you have to kiss your brain goodbye.   Believing something does not make it true.  Refusing to believe it does not make it false.  Belief in Jesus Christ fits the facts infinitely better than disbelief.

The assignment was to, “call his name Jesus.”  The name Jesus means to save.  Christ came as a light in our darkness to save us.  In a world doubled over with hunger and violence, Jesus represents a move from the ridiculous to the sublime.

The rational does not get you to God.  You need revelation. The revelation God sent our way is in the form of a baby, his son, Jesus Christ.  Christ is the solution to our personal pollution.  Jesus Christ is not a truth you master, but a truth before which you surrender. God’s answer to meaninglessness is not a principal or a program but a person, Jesus Christ.

Faith is not belief without proof but trust without reservation!

We are invited to trust in Jesus Christ because through him, events are altered, lives are changed, relationships are healed, and love proves stronger than hate.

May the joy of knowing you have a savior make a difference in your life starting today.

Merry Christmas!

O God, words fail us when we try to express thanks for the Savior.
Help our lives to express our gratitude.  Thank you for this tangible
expression of your love.  We celebrate that this day and always.
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


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  1. I have an atheist friend who uses logic to deny God. Your answer to "what is faith" does provide an answer to his faith question and I plan to share it with him.
    Bruce Scoggin