Thursday, February 17, 2011

Buddy Rich, Ringo, Jason and Richard

    The entire staff is excited to welcome our new Director of Contemporary Music, Richard Ramsey.   Yesterday was a good day for Richard: his furniture, including his bed,  finally arrived from Indianapolis.  After spending the last few nights on an air mattress, the real thing was like manna from heaven. 

You will enjoy getting to know Richard.  His smile lights up the room and is reflected in his upbeat, joyful music. Today, a gaggle of the staff  went into the sanctuary to discern how best to arrange the chancel area to accommodate both the needs of the early service and the late service.  We are excited about new possibilities for contemporary worship, and also value and treasure more traditional worship music, so we want to make sure we can serve the needs of both services. Jeff Weston was there, too, adding his invaluable expertise to the whole process of sound in the sanctuary.   He is a gem.   Those of you who attend the early service will see a few new twists and a new  placement of instruments, all of which is designed to  engage the entire congregation during our time of song and praise.   After lots of noisy exchange of ideas and moving the synthesizer, amplifiers, microphones, music stands, bell tables, guitars and drums, into several different configurations, we all felt good about our collective choreographing for this new arrangement.  

It was then that Richard said, “oh, I just remembered  that this week both of our usual percussionists, Vern and Michael,  will be out of town.   So unfortunately we won’t have any drums this week. “   At which point our own Buddy Rich (Jason Robbins) said, “ I play the drums.”    At first I didn’t believe Jason, but then he got out the sticks and dazzled us with his percussion skills that rival Ringo Starr. Who knew? Goes to show that you never know the talents hiding inside another person.  And you might even see another pastor singing with the choir this week: she will be easy to spot.  

All of the staff is so excited to welcome Richard in a special way on his first Sunday.  Isn’t it grand when we can be a part of a group that pitches in to encourage and support each other.

This spirit of cooperation will also flow as Richard, Jason and Catherine work together to energize our youth through music.  So a special word to all of our youth: Richard  is looking forward to meeting and getting to  know you and your hopes and dreams about music at Sardis. 

So be sure, whether you can sing like an angel or can’t carry a tune in bucket,  to welcome Richard in your own wonderful way.  Whatever your hidden gifts, you have a part in making Sardis a wonderful place to worship God! Richard will be introduced at both worship services this Sunday.  See you then.


  1. I have never seen such a well written blog in all of my life. You are a gem!

  2. I am so sad that we are going to miss worship this weekend because we will be out of town- especially with Jason on the drums! But I look forward to seeing what is in store in the future. Very exciting.