Monday, February 21, 2011

Not Today

   You have heard of a repeat or a rerun? Well, this story is a three-peat.   James W. Moore, in this little book, When All Else Fails…Read the Instructions, retells a story told by Cecil Myers in his book, Thunder on the Mountain.   Now I am about to retell it a third time to you. 
  A group of American explorers went to Africa where they hired local tribesmen to be their guides.  The first day they rushed through the jungle.  And on the second day they were up at dawn, ready to push forward.  And likewise on the third, fourth, fifth and sixth days.
     On the seventh day, the American explores were up early again, anxious to get started.  But they noticed that their guides were lying very quietly in their places.
   “Come on,” shouted the Americans, “we are in a hurry!”   But the lead guide replied quietly in his broken English, “We no go today.  We rest.  Let souls catch up with bodies.”
     This week we will look at the Fourth Commandment :  Remember  the Sabbath.   Or as the wise lead guide said, “Let souls catch up with bodies.”   Any chance your soul is trying to catch up with you?  
See you Sunday.

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