Friday, October 30, 2015

"Consumption is Bankrupt"

Princeton Sociologist Robert Wuthnow said millions of Americans are wreaking psychological havoc because they have no clear signpost to guide them in matters of money. In his book, “God and Mammon in America”, he takes a shot at people like me because he says pastors have “abdicated the traditional church role of financial shepherd.” 

His study suggests that Americans are spiritually adrift when it comes to making decisions in the realm of personal economics. Carl Jung: “The central neurosis of our time is emptiness.”

Plato suggested that poverty consists not in the decrease of one’s possessions but in the increase of one’s greed. Two-thirds of the parable Jesus used focuses on money. He was not against possessions but a spirit of possessiveness. 

Gucci loafers are available for $545. The Louis Vuitton travel bag is now $1,760. 

Consumption is bankrupt. More stuff does not bring satisfaction. Stuff wears out, goes out of style or bores us.

We are not owners but stewards of a sacred trust God filters through our fingers. I believe at all times we should factor God into our economics.

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