Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"A Lasting Legacy"

It is shocking to learn that 37% of the folks who go to church regularly give nothing!  Only 8% of Wills contain any directives regarding charitable giving.  Charitable giving for Christians is about 3% annually, given out of income not net worth.

If Christians increase their giving from 3% to the biblical standard of a tithe, 10%, an additional $150 billion would be available for the redemptive work of the Kingdom of God annually.

 When it comes to a lasting legacy, what should we consider?
  • The intergenerational transfer of wealth in the next fifty years will exceed $100 trillion.
  • Charitable Gift Planning is different from Planned Giving.  Charitable Gift Planning focuses on current gifts, not deferred gifts.  It starts the process of spiritual multiplication today. 
  •  The goal is to help our heirs without harming them and managing their expectations.
  • 80% of men will predecease their spouses. 
  •  Providing for the business of the Kingdom of God is a high priority for Christians.
  • Do the heirs clearly understand the donor’s charitable priorities and intentions?
  • The estate should be tax efficiency driven.
  • We will leave all of our estate behind, but we get to choose the next steward. 
  •  This is the last stewardship decision we will make.
  • The question is not, “How much can we leave our heirs?”  Rather the questions should be, “How much will our heirs need?” 
  •  How does God want us to allocate the resources entrusted to us?

These items are worthy of our consideration.


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  1. Dave, thank you for this reminder of the importance of stewardship that outlives our time on earth. The Sardis Gift Trust serves as a vehicle to help people make legacy decisions and to provide a secure repository for long term funds dedicated to the future of Sardis, whether given during out lifetimes or as part of our estates.