Friday, March 4, 2016

"We Are Not Disposable"

Americans love Easter candy. We spend over $2 billion on it every year. My favorite candy is M&M’s. The color from the candy shell has no taste. It’s that milk chocolate that tastes so good.  There are over 400 million M&M’s produced every day!

M&M’s are available in red and green for Christmas. Red, pink and white emphasizing Valentine’s Day. Orange and black for Halloween. Pastel colors are designated for Easter. Somehow, that fails to capture the significance of Jesus’ resurrection.

God’s redemptive actions always exceed the boundaries of our imagination. Yes, Easter is fun and exciting: Lilies, new clothes, family gatherings, worship, music, eggs and chocolate bunnies all make for a wonderful celebration.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is:
  • The central cosmic event
  • The turning point in history BC/AC
  • The most important day of the year
  • The victory over death, fear and inhumanity
  • And, the day meaninglessness was cancelled!

God has not left the entire created order unanswered in our cries for salvation. We do not explain the resurrection, it explains us. The power of the Risen Christ is at large in the world. We may be biodegradable but not disposable to our designer.

Now, that’s worth celebrating!

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