Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"An Effective Spiritual Leader"

During worship on the 17th, we ordained and installed newly elected elders and deacons. What a privilege to welcome these people into the ministry of Sardis Presbyterian Church!

These leaders are charged with the responsibility of providing spiritual leadership of the congregation. They are to “encourage others to seek and do the will of God.”

What defines an effective spiritual leader?
  • A passion to share the good news of God’s grace in Jesus Christ.
  • Daily commune with God through the reading of the Bible, reflection and prayer
  • Listen for the counsel of the Body of Christ and the Holy Spirit.
  • Risk failure.
  • Embrace discipline.
  • Appreciate others spiritual gifts.
  • Welcome creativity and imagination.
  • Enjoy the community of faith.
  • Practice discernment.
  • Be generous and genuine with affirmations.

How is that for a list? We all make choices daily that affect our spiritual well-being. One of the many tasks is to provide encouragement to our leaders. I pray for wisdom related to that challenge. Humility is not all that common in our culture. God grant me that as well.


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