Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"Invite a Friend"

Last September, when I came to Sardis Presbyterian Church to serve as Interim Pastor, I asked, “How many members belong to this church?” The answer was about 2500.  I looked at the attendance numbers and raised some questions as to the accuracy of the membership records.

Thanks to John Schneider and his team, they entered into the challenge of determining an accurate membership roll for Sardis Presbyterian Church.  Many members had moved away from Charlotte.  Some had joined other churches.  Children and grandchildren no longer considered Sardis their spiritual home.  After a determined, sensitive, purging process, the accurate membership is more like 1500.

Only 2% of the 10,000 congregations in our denomination have more than 1000 members.  In our denomination, Sardis Presbyterian Church is still in the 1% category.  In the Presbyterian Church (USA), more than 50% of our congregations have fewer than 100 members.  Among those congregations, the average membership is 45.

Now that we have an accurate membership roll, let’s grow!  Your circle of influence is huge.  How about inviting someone to join you in worship next Sunday?  You will be pleasantly surprised when they say, “I appreciate that.  I would love to join you.”

I pray for our growth both spiritually and physically, for the Glory of God.


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