Friday, November 18, 2016

"I Love Turkey"

She walked into my office and said, “I love turkey.”  Turkey memories often take us back to family celebrations like Thanksgiving.  Where would we be without Aunt Anna’s cranberry-orange relish?

Thanksgiving is so much more than turkey, traffic and touchdowns! Thanksgiving brings a deluge of catalogs. To produce those catalogs is expensive. How do they get my name and address?

Thanksgiving also is a call for participants in the Body of Christ to get serious about our financial commitments for 2016. Year-end giving is not only important for the IRS, but also for the church. I challenge you to give tangible expression of your gratitude by making a financial gift to the church.  This is an opportunity for personal growth. Take a step of faith!  I believe God will honor that.  How much should you give? That is between you and the Lord.  The Biblical standard is the tithe, ten percent of your income and assets.

“God loves a cheerful giver.”  Growing in Gratitude only happens as we give. The ministry of Sardis Presbyterian Church means corporately, we pack more punch than we can individually. The community of faith has credibility, creativity, and energy, thanks to the promised power of the Holy Spirit. Giving is not an economic decision as much as it is a spiritual decision. God has given us heads to make money and hearts to share it.


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