Friday, November 25, 2016

"Our Hi-Tech World"

How does the Church cope with the impersonality of cyber-world technology? Most of us live on the fast-track. I know young mothers, teachers, physicians, administrators, attorneys, accountants, salespersons, students, CEO’s, and single parents that have to work two jobs. There are 168 hours in every week! Time for intimacy is not always on our schedule. Relationships not only take time but they are also messy. If you don’t believe me, start listening to Country music.

Most of us in the Body of Christ just have time for worship, maybe a devotional period, a hug, a handshake, a quick personal word at church, or a text.

In our cyber world, on the express track, we can be more intentional about participation in the community of faith. We dare not succumb to the culture swallowing up the designs of God.

Some Christians send articles about spiritual counsel and strengths to their friends. Some inspire journaling. Others get together monthly in face-to-face meetings to share their prayer concerns.  Some stay in touch via conference calls once a month. They spend their time in conversation, reflection, prayer, and accountability.

Maybe you should be leading an e-mail or text group sharing insights; Biblical principles, counsel and prayer requests. Electronic conferencing is available to us.

Jesus spent a lot of his time loving the burdened, broken, crushed and despised. In our hi-tech world, the Church can be hi-touch.


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